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Finding perfection in middle of caos

Last week was my birthday (yay!) and I was keen into going camping with my family. I love camping, it has been part of my life since my teenager years and I want it to continue to be part with my husband and daughter for years to come.

To me is a time to wind down from daily routine and just be in connection with nature is pure perfection. I am not going to lie, it is pretty hard and almost impossible for me to completely turn off all my electronics (read here phone) but still a good out of civilization option to have time for ourselves.

Our camping is, in majority of the cases, primitive where we can get to use what we brought only and we need to make ends meet when we forget basics. This past trip we forgot salt and butter for our cooking and having dinner and breakfast with no salt or butter had to do. 

I appreciate it the most because it forces us, and specially our child, to not be picky and to adapt to most situations. Life is not perfect and sometimes we need to have a way to see things with different lenses.

But we found this pretty place by accident. We had everything plan to leave and work got into the way making us leave a day later than expected.
We are all ready to leave in the morning on time, arrive in campsite with plenty of time to enjoy the day only to find out we have booked the wrong location.

No biggie, we move to the new location to realize it was a complete dump. In the middle of a bad part  of the town and there was no way we would spend 3 nights there. Within seconds I am on the phone searching for another campsite already thinking it will be impossible to find since we are in Memorial Day weekend in a high searched area.

After a few turn downs, we found place in Lake Aire, a few minutes from Charleston, and boy! can I say we lucked out. Campsite right on a "lake"with plenty of privacy and close to the city and on the way to the beach. The staff of the campsite was super sweet and accommodated us right away.

Lake Aire Area Map
Lake Aire Campground location in relation to Charleston
We were right on that peninsula you see on the map, where T6 is shown. Virtually no one to bother or to be bothered by.
Lake Aire Site Map
Map of Lake Aire Campground
Having the opportunity to just enjoy 

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My visit to India

I had to go to India this past week for work and I believe I choose the hottest week of the entire year to go there. It was 110F in most of the days, and I will be honest, my visit consisted mostly of work-hotel and hotel-work majority of my stay.

But one can't go all the way to the other side of the world and not peak through the streets of a new country. At least I cannot.

On Sunday, me and my coworkers went visiting Laxmi Road, a place one can find anything they wish for. There's a saying in Pune, India that I now believe it to be true:

If you can't find it on Laxmi Road, it doesn't exist.

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Branding | Crown Success Solutions

I am so glad to have met this girl! Farah is a certified life coach and a personal finance expert, passionate  to help individuals get from where they are to where they want to be.

She focus is on the behavioral aspect of success and personal finances, helping individuals live their best lives through empowerment of the mind, financial literacy and legacy building.

Farah is launching her business this month and I had the honor to work with her a couple of weeks ago on a photoshop to build her social. media presence.

Please check out Crown Success Solutions for more information.

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Upgrading life

Hello there!

I am Anna Dusek and I work as an internal auditor and process manager for an multinational company. Currently I am based in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA) but had moved quite a bit through  life.

Photography is my passion but is currently on the sidelines because, you know, bills to pay scream a little louder and I do love my job.

I miss posting and sharing my pictures. I have so many and they only go from camera to hard drive and I am not getting much exposure or enjoyment without sharing them.

So here I am, back to blogging in hopes to be able to do more with my photos then just archive.

All my photos are taken with Canon equipment, GoPro or iPhone. For the next 3 months, I will challenge myself to travel only with a 35mm lens and to develop my skills with this pristine lens.

Let's see where life will take me this year?

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